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Placement Policy (Student): AY 2022-2023 Batch


Rules & Regulations

All AY 2022-2023 Batch students who wish to appear for the campus recruitment process (In-campus, Off-campus, Pool Campus drives, Campus Drives conducted by various authorized  agencies, Campus Drives on the basis of Assessment test score and Reference drives through campus) shall accept the Placement Policy AY 2022-23 Batch and sign on the document. They will also be required to submit a signed undertaking stipulating adherence to the Placement Policy AY 2022-23 Batch to the T&P Cell.


I.       General:


The campus recruitment process for AY 2022-2023 batch will be governed by the Placement Policy (Students): AY 2022-2023 Batch. Any violation of the Placement Policy (Students): AY 2022-2023 Batch by a student will be reported to the T&P Committee for necessary action. The constitution of the T&P Committee is as follows:





Status in T&P Committee





All Head of Departments



T&P Officer




1.      Registration :

a.      A student needs to register for all in-campus / pool campus and off-campus drives to be conducted through T&P Cell of the institute.  Any student who does not wish to participate in a particular campus recruitment process can do so. The names of such students will be deleted from the list of eligible candidates for the particular drive. To enhance the placement ratio of the institute and to fulfill the obligations/commitment given to any corporate house, participation by all campus registered students may be made compulsory by the institute for a specific requirement in the larger interest.

b.      Registration for AY 2022-23 batch campus recruitment is not compulsory but it is strongly advised to the students to register. The registration by a student is considered valid subject to their participation in the Dream Company/Day 1 Company of AY 2022-23 batch campus recruitment process.

c.       The registration by a student is subjected to him/her adhering to the general norms of conduct and discipline of the institute. The T&P Committee on the recommendation of T&P Officer, can suspend or cancel the registration of those students who are found guilty of misconduct and indiscipline.

d.      All AY 2022-23 batch campus recruitment registered students will be compulsorily required to participate in the preparatory training programs / students development programs – language, generic and soft skill development / employability assessment test and/or any specific skill development program to be conducted by the institute.



                2.      Student Requirements for Registration:

a.      Any student who wish to register for AY 2022-23 batch campus recruitment shall carefully read and accept the document ‘Placement Policy (Student)’: GCOE Yavatmal AY 2022-23 Batch’ and if agreeable, sign on the allotted space and submit it to the T&P Cell through the respective department Prof. I/c of T&P as per the given schedule. Such students will be required to provide verified academic credentials and contact information along-with a valid authentic ID proof which will be required for filling-up in the basic datasheet of the AY 2022-23 batch.

b.      The students who wish to participate in a particular campus recruitment will be required to submit all relevant data as required by the company in the given format before the prescribed deadline. The scheduled date of submission by the company / T&P Cell for the submission of data and Registration for a given campus interview shall be followed scrupulously. The student coordinators of T&P AY 2022-23  Batch are authorized to collect the data on behalf of T&P Cell.

c.       The student coordinators of T&P will authenticate the data provided by the students by verifying the original documents under the supervision of their respective Prof. I/c. It will be the sole responsibility of the concerned student to provide correct data.


3.      Changes in Datasheet - No changes to the data already submitted to the company HR will be effected, except entries of ‘Not Eligible’ students.


4.      Sanctity of Eligibility Criteria:

a.       The eligibility (academic and other) for particular campus recruitment is always specified by that company and is not subject to any change at the institute level. It is expected that ‘No concessions’ in this regard shall be asked by any individual student or group of students.

b.      Any student who misrepresented his/her eligibility for any campus recruitment process shall be disqualified from further campus recruitment process.


I.       Norms for Campus Recruitment:


1.       Undertaking - All participating students in AY 2022-23 Batch campus recruitment process shall sign an undertaking available with the T&P Cell to approve of general rules and guidelines to be followed. An undertaking by their parents will also require to be submitted to the institute.


2.      Registration process for a campus interview:


a.       The process of registration by eligible and interested students for each campus interview will be followed. The T&P Cell will notify the faculty I/c of T&P, students and coordinators about the schedule and other relevant details. The preferred mode of communication will be to the e-mail account of individual students. The mail will be routed through the Student Coordinators of T&P and Staff I/c of T&P.

b.       The registration for a campus interview process is to be done in person by the concerned student by signing on the registration sheet provided by T&P Cell as per the notified schedule. No proxy registration is allowed. Any student who is guilty of proxy registration will be disqualified from the campus recruitment process.

c.       Registration by a student for campus interview shall be irreversible. He / She will not be able to withdraw from the campus interview process of that company at any stage of the process. No such permission will be granted to any student. The institute has to commit the talent pool from which the company has the liberty to select the best available talent. Any student withdrawing from the process midway essentially vitiates the spirit of the process and hence unjustifiable.

d.      If it comes to the notice of the T&P Cell that a student has deliberately mislead the interview panel in order to bunk the interview process, the matter will be reported to the T&P Committee for disciplinary action.


3.      Process Requirement – Campus Recruitment Process:


a.       All appearing students for campus recruitment shall follow the institute dress code on the day of the recruitment process.

b.     All the appearing students shall strictly follow the reporting time for each of the selection process of an interview process. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and disciplinary action.

c.       The document file containing testimonials of certificates/ mark-sheets / grade card / Signed copy of latest resume and/or company format bio-data / photograph (in formal dress against a dark background) / Valid College ID card and other photo identity card.

d.      For the campus recruitment process, the student who gets short-listed for further stages of interview shall follow the instructions given by the panel / T&P officer and remain present at the venue at the allotted time. Late reporting for any of the procedure will invite action from the interview panel.

e.       All appearing students shall strictly follow the ethics code and observe adherence with the ethical practices particularly for the Written Test / Online Test, Virtual Group Discussion and Virtual Interview process. The recruiting organizations have very tough and strict standards applicable to the various stages of the campus selection process. Any student found guilty of engaging or supporting such malpractices will invite disciplinary action by the T&P Committee.


4.      Process Requirement - Completion of Selection and Joining Formalities:


a.     It will be the duty of all campus selects to complete all selection and joining related formalities as per the company specific requirement within the stipulated timeline. The selection related formalities include acceptance of offer made by the company, signing of agreement / bond (if applicable), Medical Examination, providing them all documentation (Passport / PAN card) as required, submission of personal history form, authentic contact details with permanent postal address etc.

b.      A student who has got selected in a company through campus recruitment will have to accept the offer and honor it by completing all pre-joining formalities and actually joining the company as per the date of joining.

c.      Internship Offer – For the companies which have designed ‘Internship Program’ for the fresh graduates joining them, it will be mandatory for the students selected in such companies to accept and join the internship for the specified duration and complete it as per their requirements.

d.      A student who has got selected through an in-campus selection process and did not either accept the offer or join the company within stipulated schedule would deemed to have violated the Placement Policy AY 2022-23 Batch of the institute and the names of such students would be recommended to the Chairman, T&P Committee for action.

5.       Undertaking by Student and Parents -  An undertaking by students and his/her parents to the institute  to the effect that their son/daughter will be worthy of punishment in case he/she violets any of the rules and regulations as prescribed in the Placement policy of the institute for AY 2022-23 Batch. The undertaking will be taken from all AY 2022-23 Batch campus recruitment registered students stating that he/she will join the company once he/she get the appointment letter as per the company schedule and requirements.

6.       Clearance from the institute – A clearance from the T&P Cell of the institute will be mandatory for all AY 2022-23 Batch students for receiving their Final Grade card & Degree Certificate. The clearance will be given to only those students who have successfully completed the formalities related to their selection and as per the company requirements and have joined the company after selection in the campus drive. If any student fails to join the company in which he/she has got selected, then clearance will be withheld and student will be entitled to the punitive action as decided by the T&P committee.

II.      Policy for Selection Offer


1.   Multiple Offers – The placement policy of the institute is designed to benefit all campus eligible students so that maximum number of students get the real opportunity to secure job offers through campus recruitment. (a) The requirement of software / IT sector Tier I companies with regards to DAY 1 slot has also required to be taken into consideration (b) The core sector companies also need valid access to best talent pool of respective streams.

2.    Number of Offers – The institute will follow the policy of ‘one student one offer’ with some concession given, like (a) A student getting offers from more than one DAY 1 company (b) A student from non CS/IT disciplines with one offer from Software/IT Sector Company gets opportunity to appear for interview process of core engineering company of his / her choice which may visit after the placement season of software companies. If the student gets selected in the core company then, his/her previous Software/IT Sector Company offer automatically stands withdrawn.

 This option will not be available in any manner to students who gets selected in core companies before the recruitment of software companies.

(c) This option will be made available to the selected students based on the judgment about placement scenario at that point of time and the decision of the T&P Cell in this regard will be final and will be binding.


3.               Dream company:


a. A student selected through campus recruitment in a company can register and appear for the interview process of ‘Dream Status’ company which must have CTC increment of more than 100% of the original offer. To appear for the Dream company interview, the concerned student must provide undertaking that he / she will accept the latest offer and give a written submission for cancellation of earlier offer. The institute reserves the right to accord ‘Dream Company’ status to a company based on institutional needs and perception. The condition of 100% increment in the previous offer may be waived off.


b.   All such instances wherein ‘Dream Company’ status is accorded to a company will be pre-announced to the campus eligible students.


III. Communication with the company HR:


1.    Communication with company:


a.   All communication with the company in which a student has got selected shall be either done by the T&P Officer unless otherwise mandated by the organization. No direct communication with company HR shall be done. Any communication received from the company by the students shall be forwarded to the T&P Officer for record including the selection mail and offer letter/joining letter.

b.   If a selected student communicates directly to the company HR / Complains directly to company HR / post incriminating comment on social networking sites about the company will be disqualified from the campus recruitment process and his/her name will be recommended to the T&P Committee for showing dissent and indiscipline.

c.    The responsibility pertaining to any consequences arising out of the direct communication with HR by a selected student will solely lie with her/him only.

d.   The selected students are expected to strictly adhere to the standard protocol related to email writing and telephonic conversations. They shall observe professional etiquettes while engaging with company officials through these communication modes.


IV.          Disciplinary Committee:


For investigating any reported act of indiscipline during in-campus or off-campus selection process and/or violation of Placement Policy by a student and suggesting suitable action, a committee comprising of concerned Head of Department, T&P Officer & Prof. I/c of T&P of the respective discipline will be constituted. The report of the committee will be submitted to the Principal, Government College of Engineering, Yavatmal for final decision.


Prepared by T&P Officer on behalf of T&P Committee AY 2022-23 Batch.


Date: 21.07.2022



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